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Welcome to the laboratory page for Redeye Engineering. Redeye Engineering specializes in obfuscatory electronic projects, but is capable of any project known to man, woman, and a few small animals. Founded in 1985, Redeye Engineering is not and never will be ISO9001 certified, as we wouldnt sell to the Europeans if our lives depended on it. Funding for Redeye Engineering is provided by private donations. Information on donating funds can be gained by sending mail at the bottom of this page.

Spoetzl Shown here for the first time is a picture from our archives of the first location of Redeye Engineering. OK ..... so we were never located there, but we did dream about it quite often in school. This is actually the site of the world reknowned Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, TX. What does this have to do with Redeye Engineering? They produce Shiner Bock, which has induced or helped concoct most of the better ideas produced by Redeye Engineering, and our collaborative partner, The Walrackian Institute. Please note that the sheep were not part of the brewery, but they always gather wherever the head of the Walrackian Institute goes.

The Kettle This is our first PC Board kettle, which is used to brew PC Boards once they have been drawn and laid out. The pipe coming in delivers PC Board materials and parts such as resistors, capacitors, and I.C.'s (chips), and the cooked and fermented PC Boards are skimmed out of the mixture from the open hatch. Unused solder and parts are drained through the bottom valve, which is not visible in this picture.

a kettleHere is another view of our PCB Kettle, with our #1 Kettle operator, Juan Bendejo. Juan is a great worker but he does tend to drink from the kettle a little too often.

The Staff And what lab tour would be complete without meeting the staff. The one in back is me. I never wear ties. And yes, I do have hair normally, but I had a rather bad haircut that day.

The Projects
More Projects to be added later

The Duck The NOISE

Donations of cash, '55 Chevy parts, and movie rights are welcome.

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